Riyadh International Book Fair 2015

It’s time for Riyadh’s annual International Book Fair! A grand international book fair will be inaugurated by the Saudi minister of Culture and Information, on Wednesday March 4th 2015. Read on to find out more about the venue, location info, timings and what this exhibition is allRead more

An Expat’s Guide to Riyadh

Excited to announce Blue Abaya’s recent interview and collaboration with Riyadh’s Radisson Blu Hotel!  The following is my interview with Radisson Blu hotel in Riyadh which contains some sightseeing & activity tips for newcomers and business travellers to Saudi Arabia’sRead more

How I Met My Saudi Prince

The following is my personal love story from the ‘Magic Kingdom’ of Saudi Arabia. How I met my Saudi Prince post was originally published 2012 on the 4th anniversary of the day I randomly met who I thought was (and is) the most handsome and charming man I ever laid eyes on. I had leftRead more

Complete Guide to Janadriyah Cultural Festival 2015

****Important UPDATE: January 26th 2015: Janadriyah festival has officially been cancelled by the organizers this year due the passing of King Abdullah. *** Your Complete Guide to Al Janadriyah Cultural Heritage Festival in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Find all you need to know about the JanadriyahRead more

New and Improved Edition of Mobile Burkha is finally here!

Introducing the newest edition of the Mobile Burkha- The simple and safe solution to allow women driving in Saudi Arabia! You might remember the previous Mobile Burkha model which was launched in 2013 for the October 26th Saudi Women Driving Campaign. The authorities rejected this model on theRead more

185 Things to Do in KSA- The Ultimate Saudi Arabia Travel Guide

All the awesome Saudi Top Ten and other top lists published on Blue Abaya in one place! The best of the best restaurants in Riyadh and Khobar, the best bakeries and cafe’s, things to do lists, activity guides, travel tips, hidden gems, sightseeing tips, best events, outdoor activities andRead more

Testimonials and Exciting News

As the Blue Abaya has now over 3 MILLION views, it is time to say a huge big heartfelt THANK YOU for all the readers and fans of Blue Abaya for the continuous support and encouragement! The below comments are a collection of testimonials Blue Abaya has received over the years. A very special thankRead more

Life Changing Pumpkin-Nutella Cake

How can a pumpkin cake be life changing, you ask? Well have you met a person who never tried pumpkin cake before? Can you believe I lived on this planet for over 30 years without having experienced pumpkin cake, pumpkin bread or pumpkin cupcakes? This might come as a surprise to my American friendsRead more

The Queens of Saudi Arabia Need to Drive

Attention Blue Abaya readers all over the world! I’m going to go ahead and post this, despite the chances that Blue Abaya website will be blocked by the “Magic Internet Fairy” in Saudi Arabia, who absolutely detests seeing anything related to the Saudi Women Driving Campaign. IRead more

Ten Amazing Facts about Northern Lights in Finland!

Whether people have travelled to experience Aurora Borealis or have seen them in photos or videos, Northern lights – as they’re also referred to as – are spellbinding for almost everyone. Here are ten interesting things you might not know about the amazing auroras, written by Thomas Kast,Read more

5 Reasons an American Wants to Visit Saudi Arabia

It’s my pleasure to share with you a guest post written by an amazing lady I’ve been blessed to have “met” through blogging. Jenny Ballif has been a fan and follower of Blue Abaya blog for many years and two years years ago she contacted me with a very special request..Read more

Happy 84th Birthday Saudi Arabia! Time to Celebrate!

September 23rd 2014 will mark the 84th year of the Unification of Saudi Arabia by King Abdul Aziz. All of Saudi Arabia is gearing up for the festivities and KSA’s biggest cities Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam- Al Khobar are arranging all kinds of events and festivals to celebrate the occasion!Read more