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The Attack of the Flying Muttawa

This is the most shocking story involving the Saudi religious police I’ve heard for a while. From beginning to end, it just amazes me how in this day and age an incident like this could still occur. In short: A British man and his Saudi wife were assaulted by Haia’ officials at DanubeRead more

Muttawa And Learning Disabilities

After my last post on the Saudi religious police aka muttawa, a friend of mine suggested I make a poll to see what people really thought them. Many it seems are afraid to express their disapproving thoughts on the moral cops publicly, even anonymously on blogs. Judging by the comments to the posts,Read more

Muttawa Encounters Volume 2

I noticed that a follow-up post on one of the readers favorite subjects, the encounters with Saudi religious police, was long overdue. “Muttawa” is actually the third most popular search word that lands people on Blue Abaya, so something about the Saudi religious police force must beRead more

An Expat’s Tale From A Saudi Jail

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to an extraordinarily brave and positive woman, expat nurse and friend of mine. Her memories of the years spent in Saudi Arabia are predominantly positive, despite some negative incidents(such as a terrifying trip to jail)  that occurred to her. Read on toRead more

Saudi Cleric: The Commission of Ex-Thieves and Drug Addicts Should Be Abolished

I found this interesting and actually very surprising interview, with prominent Saudi Sheikh Abd-al-Muhsin al-Obaikan and thought it’s worth sharing. In the article he talks about the concept and even he criticizes the Saudi religious police, Haia, aka the muttawa. Report by SattamRead more

Saudi-Arabia and Human Rights Violations

Today is the birthday of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights! The President of the Human Rights Commission of Saudi-Arabia, Dr. Bandar bin Mohammed Al-Aiban said in a statement today: “On the occasion of the World’s Human Rights Day, the Kingdom continues to promote and protectRead more

Ramadan- Favorite Month For Saudi Religious Police

Ramadan, the busiest season of the year for the members of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice (CPVPV) aka Saudi religious police force. I like to refer to them more familiarly as the muttawa or Hai’a. DISCLAIMER: This entire post is written in a sarcastic tone,Read more

Human or Hayawaan?

I came across this disgusting video of young Saudi guys harassing fully covered women on the street. They are shamelessly groping the girls private parts. Shame on them. It’s sickening and upsetting to watch. There are so many questions that come toRead more

The Return of the Naughty Little Elves

You have probably heard and read about Manal al Sharif and the ongoing heated debate on women driving ban. I haven’t wanted to write about it after this post because the whole issue just seems to be so worn out. Of course I remain hopeful that Manal’s example of courage wouldRead more

The Day of Rage from the skies

So it’s March 11th, the much anticipated date of the “Day of Rage”. It was supposed to be a day of protests around the Kingdom. I was curious to see if anything would actually happen although I highly doubted it in the first place. Read my previous post on the SaudiRead more

Thumbs up for the muttawas!

Warning! This post contains muttawa-friendly sections and reader-discretion is advised. In previous posts I might have been a bit (but just a tiny bit) harsh on the members of the CPVPV also known as the muttawa or Hai’a. Okay well they deserved it.You can read more here or here. Check out aRead more

Cover your hair! Cover your face! Lower your gaze.

I ran into way too many members of Hai’a recently and had to write a post about their un-Islamic behavior. It seems to me as if it’s becoming worse lately. What really upsets me is how ruthlessly they harass women. I’ve taken a habit now of answering their hateful comments ofRead more