Saudi Salary Racism- What is the Color of Your Passport?

You might have heard how employees in Saudi Arabian workplaces get different pay for the exact same job. Westerners might earn ten times more than their just as qualified Asian colleagues for the same amount of work. How does this effect the working environment, with such huge differences in wagesRead more

Horror Zoo Update- Saudi Contempt For Animals

Humans, the most civilized of all living beings, created by God to rule, take care of and have responsibility over the lower beings, animals. Humans are a degree higher than animals because we have intelligence, we are able to feel empathy and sympathy and we have morals. Or do we? The Zoo ofRead more

Blue Abaya Interviewed- What is Life in Saudi Arabia Really Like?

I did some interviews for a couple of magazines which focus on what life in Saudi Arabia is like from my personal point of view, as a Finnish expatriate nurse. I think these interviews will be beneficial in answering questions of readers who are new to Saudi Arabia and/or new to Blue Abaya blog.Read more

Muttawa And Learning Disabilities

After my last post on the Saudi religious police aka muttawa, a friend of mine suggested I make a poll to see what people really thought them. Many it seems are afraid to express their disapproving thoughts on the moral cops publicly, even anonymously on blogs. Judging by the comments to the posts,Read more

The Royal Morgue

People often ask me what it’s like to work with members of the Saudi royal family,  they want to know what the Princes and Princesses are really like. In short, they’re just like any other person when it comes to being a patient, but with some financial and social benefits of course. IRead more

15 Things to Do in Riyadh in the Summer

Many expats and locals find themselves “stuck” in Saudi for the summer with nothing to do, fearing death caused by boredom. Not everyone is lucky enough to escape the Saudi heat. With the schools now closed, children and youth (and housewives) get very bored! This causes frustration inRead more

The Zoo of Horrors

Ever since I heard about a zoo called “Hadiqa Abu Jarrah” in Riyadh from a friend who told me how horrific the conditions of the animals kept there were, I’ve been wanting to go there to see for myself what the situation is. So when we finally got the chance to go, it becameRead more

Muttawa Encounters Volume 2

I noticed that a follow-up post on one of the readers favorite subjects, the encounters with Saudi religious police, was long overdue. “Muttawa” is actually the third most popular search word that lands people on Blue Abaya, so something about the Saudi religious police force must beRead more

Saudi Hospitals, Bureaucracy And Bullying

A colleague I used to work with recently asked me, don’t I miss work? My first reaction was yes in a way I do miss it. I miss the patients mostly. I miss interaction with them and the opportunity of meeting so many different Saudis from all levels of society and learning about the culture andRead more

Saudi Women On Top Of The World

We often hear people say the word “can’t” when talking about Saudi women. This time I’m very happy to say oh yes they CAN. Climb Mount Everest that is! A campaign called “A Woman’s Journey: Destination Mount Everest” headed by Princess Reema Bint Bandar AlRead more

Expats Guide: Flying To Saudi

Many expats find themselves worrying about their arrival to the Kingdom. The first flight into Saudi-Arabia and the initial shock experienced at the airports can be eased a bit by this simple guide! Checking-in When boarding the plane at the country of origin, the passenger should have his/herRead more

10 Things I Miss From Finland

I find myself missing my family, friends and my country a lot lately. It’s been a while since I was last there (well ok 5 months..but still). I make sure to go to Finland every summer because I just love how the nature is so wonderful and the weather is at its best. Last summer I spent almostRead more