KSA’s Runaway Employees

You’ve probably heard about the runaway employees in Saudi-Arabia. Most of these workers are Asian so called “cheap labor” that work as maids or drivers. They run away for various reasons but one of the biggest temptations for them is to work as “freelancer” ie,Read more

Saudi Cleric: The Commission of Ex-Thieves and Drug Addicts Should Be Abolished

I found this interesting and actually very surprising interview, with prominent Saudi Sheikh Abd-al-Muhsin al-Obaikan and thought it’s worth sharing. In the article he talks about the concept and even he criticizes the Saudi religious police, Haia, aka the muttawa. Report by SattamRead more

Ten Amazing Places to Visit in Saudi-Arabia

Blue Abaya’s Top Ten Amazing places to visit in Saudi-Arabia: 1. Madain Saleh If you visit only one place in Saudi-Arabia, let it be Madain Saleh. The other-worldly scenery, breath taking nature, and rich history make it a destination worth exploring for many days. Madain Saleh is not onlyRead more

White Lies, Black Lies and Big Fat Liars

One thing I will never understand about Arab/Saudi culture is how habitual and accepted lying seems to be. It’s just so common in the Arab world for men to lie to their womenfolk. Men lie to their wives, to their mothers, sisters, and kids. Women are almost always the targets of these lies.Read more

Good Sides to Life in Saudi-Arabia

In Finland where I’m currently writing from, this time of year (and for a very long time) it gets really dark, murky and gloomy. I haven’t even seen the sun for a few days and I’m already feeling depressed and out of energy. Everything is so expensive and has a tax on it! JustRead more

Lessons Learned on the Saudi Roads

Let me share a story and a valuable learning experience from our Saudi Road trip. So we were cruising on the highway in the rented SUV somewhere between Kharj and Wadi Al-Dawasir surrounded by literally NOTHING else than rocks. The scenery out there is just flat. Not even the random camels youRead more

Ten Amazing Things from Finland

Here are 10 amazing innovations, inventions and inspiration that you may not know come from Finland, Europe’s 6th largest country with a population of just 5.4 million. For more awesome facts about Finland, check out this post! 1. Sauna All Finns love sauna! We have over 2 million saunasRead more

Saudi-Arabia and Human Rights Violations

Today is the birthday of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights! The President of the Human Rights Commission of Saudi-Arabia, Dr. Bandar bin Mohammed Al-Aiban said in a statement today: “On the occasion of the World’s Human Rights Day, the Kingdom continues to promote and protectRead more

Mom’s Adventures in the Magic Kingdom

My mother has visited us a total of seven times in Saudi-Arabia. We’ve visited many mostly unknown beautiful places in Saudi Arabia together and met many amazing people. During her visits in KSA, we’ve done the following to desert trips: Raghbah tower, Edge of the World, Maraat,Read more

The Famous Saudi Hospitality

I experienced hands on the generous side of the Saudi people by having the chance to interact with many families through my work. At the hospital a patient would have their own private rooms and the average length of stay would be 8 days. A nurse typically works around 12 hours a day, on averageRead more

Missing Mom and Motivation

We took mom to the airport today and the house has been feeling really empty. We all miss her already! Two months flew by so quick..I find myself feeling blue and finding it hard to keep up the blogging because it really is hard work. We kept ourselves busy and met many of my friends here inRead more

Tuesday Ten From Saudi-Charities and Rain

What a busy week it’s been! I really don’t understand how the time flies like this. I thought I just posted the previous Tuesday Ten yesterday! I didn’t even manage to post this on time but better late than never.. Mom is leaving in a few days and we’ve been running aroundRead more