Remember to say Mashallah!

Something I learned the hard way in Saudi-Arabia was the importance of saying mashallah, maashallah, mashallaah, or mash’Allah. When I had just started working as a nurse I was full of excitement and I was very talkative with my patients. I wouldn’t give second thought to complimentingRead more

The different sides to Ramadan in Saudi Arabia

Ramadan is here and Muslims all over the world will be fasting this month. Saudi-Arabia turns into a much more accommodating place for fasting people to live during the holy month. There are many exceptions in everyday life that enable easier days of fasting, especially for Saudis it seems. OtherRead more

Human or Hayawaan?

I came across this disgusting video of young Saudi guys harassing fully covered women on the street. They are shamelessly groping the girls private parts. Shame on them. It’s sickening and upsetting to watch. There are so many questions that come toRead more

Housemaids, villains or victims?

Housemaids In Saudi-Arabia have been making many headlines lately. Indonesian and Philippino housemaids are among the most numerous in Saudi-Arabia and both nationalities have been accused of crimes against their employers and vice versa. Following the execution of an Indonesian housemaid that hadRead more

The Saudi husband vs the Finnish husband

This post is not to be taken too seriously and YES it contains sweeping generalisations of both cultures. This is a humorous comparison of the typical Saudi man and his Finnish counterpart as husbands.. The Saudi man is very romantic, sweet talk is what he knows. The Finnish man doesn’t talkRead more

Saudi women’s long journey from back seat to front seat

June 17th is here and according to the Saudi Women to Drive Campaign, Saudi women will start driving their cars themselves from today onward. Last time Saudi women sat in the drivers seat was in a protest back in 1990. I’m so excited about this and wish I could participate but this is a causeRead more

The Eternal Veil

Imagine a man that has never seen the face of his wife, ever. How about a son or a daughter that does not know how their mother looks like? Such men and women still exist in Saudi-Arabia. Recently in the news was the story of a Saudi man that had never seen his wife’s face. After 10 years ofRead more

The Return of the Naughty Little Elves

You have probably heard and read about Manal al Sharif and the ongoing heated debate on women driving ban. I haven’t wanted to write about it after this post because the whole issue just seems to be so worn out. Of course I remain hopeful that Manal’s example of courage wouldRead more

Janadriyah Cultural Heritage Festival in 2011

Janadriyah Cultural Heritage festival of Saudi Arabia is held annually on the outskirts of Riyadh at the Janadriyah Village. This post depicts images from the festival in 2011. For more information about the folk festival itself, the timings and dates of Al Janadriya, check out Blue Abaya guides toRead more

My Saudi Wedding Ceremony

What’s the difference between a Saudi and a Finnish wedding ceremony? -In Saudi the groom is the one in long white dress and the bride is wearing black! -Instead of “you may now kiss the bride” in Saudi it’s “you may now see the bride”.   Ok so as IRead more

The Day of Rage from the skies

So it’s March 11th, the much anticipated date of the “Day of Rage”. It was supposed to be a day of protests around the Kingdom. I was curious to see if anything would actually happen although I highly doubted it in the first place. Read my previous post on the SaudiRead more

International Women’s Day and Saudi Women

International Women’s day is not really celebrated in Saudi-Arabia. It’s like any other day in the lives of the Saudi women. However I wanted to write on this day and remind all women, regardless of our nationality, race or religion to be grateful of what we have. Saudi women are oftenRead more