11 Ways to Cure the Dreaded Sandpit Boredom

Dear Riyadh, or ___(insert any city in Saudi Arabia here). We love you but you are so boring! There is nothing to do. No cinemas, no bars. What else is there to do anyways?   Does this sound familiar to anyone? Life in Saudi Arabia is of course different to what most are used to back home, but it’s only going to be boring if you choose to make it so! Staying active and connecting with the local culture will always help with dealing with culture shock and getting settled in the land of the sand better.

There’s so many events going on this February I thought of dedicating a post to it on its own in addition to the Blue Abaya Facebook page which I regularly update for events. Too many things going on this month not to be missed!  For more things to do in Riyadh please check out 10 Things to Do in Riyadh in the Spring and the complete list of Things to do in Riyadh here. To keep up to date with new events and activities in Riyadh and all over KSA, don’t forget to subscribe to Blue Abaya!!

 ***please note these events and exhibitions are all from 2012, however there are many useful tips and ideas for activities in Riyadh in addition to events held yearly such as Janadriyah and Globe Food Summit!

This list of events and activities available in Riyadh to help all the people out there effected by the dreaded “Sandpit Boredom- Syndrome”.

1. The annual Cultural Heritage Festival Janadriyah is the main event and a MUST SEE for all expats at least once! Starting 8th Feb running through 24th Feb 2012. Check more info about timings and dates Janadriyah Guide

janadriyah cultural heritage festival

2. Reem International Circuit “Family Fun Day” on Thursday 9th Feb 2012: 11 – 10pm. Safari animals, BBQ, Kids and adults activities,, campfire lunch and dinner provided. Reem circuit has events almost every weekend, updated on their Facebook page and Twitter!

3. Classical Music Concert at French Ambassador’s Residence Monday 13th February 2012, 8p.m. Check out Maison de France Riyadh website how to become a member!

4. Cosmo Beauty Fair 2012 11th -13th Feb. 2012 at Four Seasons Hotel Ballroom. Women only. Check the hotel website for upcoming events!

5. “Strike Out” Family Bowling Day Thursday 16th Feb 2012 2 – 4pm. Members SR 50. Non-members SR60. Inc. shoe rental and 2 games. Sign up by 13th Feb at http://www.acrsa.com/

 6. Stand-up Comedy Show 16th Feb 2012. Riyadh private compound, tickets available at Wayne’s Coffee – Azizia Panda, Takassussi Branch. Check out Luxury Events KSA on Facebook and Twitter for upcoming comedy shows all around KSA.

 7. Al Faisaliyah Hotel Globe Food Summit 13th -17th February 2012. From educational cooking seminars to outstanding gala dinners, brunches and High Tea with Michelin Star awarded chefs. Reservations essential. Full schedule and timings on hotel website, plus updates on current events.
8. Chocoflora Exhibition 2012 Nayyara Banquet Hall. From 18th-21st Feb 2012. Women only. Go to nayyara.com for the updates on their latest events.

9. “From Sea to Shining Sea” in the US Embassy Formal Gardens Thur 23 Feb 2012: 7pm – Midnight. SR 250. Tickets at USERA Gift Shop sold from Sat Jan 28th to Sun Feb 19th 9.30-3.30 Sat-Wed. Closed Feb 18th. Go to USERA Riyadh website or FB for the latest activities and events organized by US embassy.

10. Barney and Friends come to KSA! Reem International Race Circuit 22-24th Feb 2012 several shows during the day. Barney, Pingu, Thomas The Train, Bob the Builder and others perform for the whole family. Tickets to these events and more can be found here: http://www.tlbcksa.com/

 11.“Carnevale 2012” by OasItalia Cultural Center A cultural festival in the Italian Embassy Thur 1 Mar:  7.30 – midnight Tickets on sale Feb 2nd 10 – 12am (OasItalia members only) and Feb 3rd 4.30 – 7.30pm Nonmembers.

Go out and enjoy the lovely February weather and take a cultural bath this month!


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  • DentographerFebruary 8, 2012 - 2:07 am

    Just a small notice,the Jenadriya operetta has been cancelled in an act of solidarity with the happenings in Syria.ReplyCancel

  • LaylahFebruary 8, 2012 - 3:43 am

    Yes I heard! You think the King cancelled it because of the immense pressure from religious clerics to stop this “haram” or because of sincere solidarity?
    My guess is the first case scenario.

    Operetta is only on the opening day so actually it will not effect the festival itself.ReplyCancel

  • Mumbai FestivalsFebruary 8, 2012 - 7:06 am

    From this article it seems Riyadh is a culturally active city.

    Mumbai too has a cultural festival called the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival. It is a street cultural festival that runs from Feb 4 to 12. The festival has events such as plays, films, dances, music, visual art, heritage walks, literature, book releases, workshops, food events, children’s events and much more.ReplyCancel

  • FarooqFebruary 8, 2012 - 5:44 pm

    Thank you very much for sharing information about all these events.ReplyCancel

  • SarahFebruary 14, 2012 - 12:32 am

    Does anyone know how late the janadria festival goes to, the hours during the day? I hope to try to attend.ReplyCancel

  • LaylahFebruary 14, 2012 - 3:28 pm

    Sarah-until midnight!ReplyCancel


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