Il Terrazzo-Brazilian Breezes In Riyadh

Il Terrazzo is a lovely outdoor buffet restaurant in the very heart of Riyadh. This Brazilian barbecue restaurant is situated on a large terrace overlooking the fountains and courtyard of Rosewood hotel Al Faisaliyah.  You can dine under the stars while enjoying a fantastic view of the Globe on top of the Faisaliyah tower.

This is my all time favorite restaurant in Riyadh and I’ve been to it numerous times. It’s always been a big hit to bring our first-time visitors to Riyadh to Il Terrazzo.

During the hottest summer evenings there are cooling mists and fans on the terrace, while in the coldest winter months they offer warm blankets to snuggle under the heaters. A rarity in Riyadh, this terrace is not gender-segregated or “boxed-up” but totally open and mixed with lively music is playing in the background.

The ambiance here is relaxed and as “normal” as it gets in conservative Riyadh. Large groups of expats can often be seen dining here. The laid back atmosphere and beautiful setting makes Il Terrazzo a popular choice among couples for romantic date nights.

At the center of the restaurant there is a buffet island with salads and appetizers on one side and desserts on the other. At the table the customers will be served to side courses such as rice, vegetable and potato dishes accompanied with different sauces from a revolving multi layer tray, which you can combine with the different meats.  The open fire-barbecued meats are served to the table at frequent intervals by the friendly and always smiling Kenyan waiters.

The waiter will serve a different meat on each round from a long bbq stick. The variety of meats range from beef, lamb, goat, chicken, fish, beef, kudu, jumbo prawns and even camel.  It could be said this restaurant is not for vegetarians! They give you a card which has a green color on one side and red on the other which, when flipped to the red indicates to the waiter that you’re done with the meats.

For starters indulge in the 5 star salad buffet full of fresh colorful produce. This is by far the best salad bar in town in terms of variety, freshness, quality and presentation. Additionally there are soups and freshly baked breads to choose from. The drinks you order separately and they have a great Saudi Champagne and some excellent non-alcoholic wines on offer too.

You will literally feel like bursting from all the juicy meats, combined with the tasty side dishes on offer, but be sure to leave space for dessert! The dessert buffet is diverse and you can find high quality freshly baked cakes, pastries, puddings, chocolates and some Arabic sweets as well as specialty desserts. The desserts are presented in beautiful ways and usually they come in small portions which is great if you want to taste more than one or two different ones. A variety of fresh exotic fruits are also available. Everything can be topped off with a choice of sauce!

If by now you are not ready to be towed out with a Toyota pick-up truck, there’s also an ice cream bar with a choice of delicious flavors and more sauces!

The buffet costs 200sr per person excluding the drinks. The restaurant offers a nice Saudi champagne and for those who want to splurge a bit, an excellent selection of non-alcoholic wines and sparkling wines which will be served from a standing ice cooler.

Another great thing about this restaurant is the professional and helpful service provided by the friendly African waiters. If informed beforehand they will sing a Happy Birthday song while playing African drums and a small Birthday cake with sparkling candles.  Certainly a night to remember! Keep in mind Il Terrazzo can only be visited by making a booking and it’s advisable to do so well beforehand for weekends and bigger parties. The buffet starts at 8pm every night continuing to around midnight.

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Star ratings:

Overall: ****1/2

Ambiance: *****

Decor: *****

Food: **** 1/2

Service: ****1/2

Value for money ****

Toilet cleanliness: *****

Kid Friendliness: ****

Romance Factor: *****

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  • NoorNovember 4, 2012 - 11:46 pm

    We were wondering if it was any good thanks for letting me know I will go for sure now.ReplyCancel

  • […] On a lovely open terrace overlooking the courtyard fountains of Faisaliyah hotel and with the tower hovering directly above. A buffet restaurant with excellent food and service. Music is played and ambience is relaxed. Full review of Il Terrazzo here! […]ReplyCancel

  • BernadetteYapFebruary 28, 2015 - 2:48 pm

    Hi… Good day… I did a reservation on March 9 at 7pm… Can you please help me to have surprise special birthday for my husband. Like having a birthday song and a sparkled candles on a birthday cake. Can you please help me?thank youReplyCancel

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