Ten Things To Do During Eid Al Fitr Holidays In Riyadh

Top Ten Things To Do During Eid Al-Fitr Holidays In Riyadh
UPDATE 23rd June 2017: Blue Abaya wishes everyone blessed Eid Al-Fitr 2017! In Saudi Arabia the 25th June is expected to be the first day of Eid in 2017. Most companies and businesses in Riyadh will be closed for the first three days of the Eid celebrations. A few malls and restaurants remain open, but many times Riyadh dwellers find themselves puzzled during this time, what is there to do in the city during Eid?
Every year the Riyadh Municipality organizes various celebrations and festivals all around the city. There are events designed for families, some for ladies only and for men only. Most of the festivities concentrate on celebrating the Saudi heritage with traditional dances, music, poetry, foods, displays by craftsmen and craftswomen, exhibitions portraying the Saudi culture and traditional handicraft markets. Everyone is welcome to join these celebrations!
 For the full list of updated celebrations and locations for each year, visit the Ar Riyadh website www.arriyadh.com or look out for the Riyadh Municipality Eid Al Fitr newsletter which is distributed in the large shopping malls before Eid.
  1. Participate in the King Abdulaziz Historical Center celebrations. Every year the biggest and best celebrations are held in a vast area spreading around the Historical Center buildings and the National Museum. Traditional Sword (Aardha) dances, Najdi music, songs, and poetry recital fill the warm evenings and nights in a beautifully decorated setting. Enjoy a picnic in the National Museum Gardens watching the fountain and light show. Children will enjoy playing on the grass fields and running through the cooling fountains.
  2. Explore the Qasr Al Hokum  Square festival area surrounded by Saudi history. Highlights of this festival, situated next to the Al Musmak fort and Deerah souvenir and antique souk, include traditional folklore tents, handicrafts markets, Saudi food stalls and lots of activities and games for children. This area is usually separated for men and women.
  3. Watch the Eid fireworks show organized by the Riyadh Municipality. The fireworks  schedule changes every year and information provided by Riyadh Municipality is unfortunately often incorrect and confusing. (Please check the schedule of 2016 from Arriyadh website www.arriyadh.com or Eidalriyadh site https://eid.alriyadh.gov.sa/Events/1466/1465 . The best places to view the fireworks from are the King Fahad football stadium, the suspension bridge and the water tower viewing platform, located next to the National Museum.
  4. Dine outside with views to both Mamlaka and Faisaliyah towers which will be specially lit for Eid. Café Lenotre and Lusin Armenian restaurant on Centria Mall’s third floor both offer family seating areas under  the stars and cooling mists. Reservations during the first days of Eid are an absolute must.
  5. Check out the spectacular views from the Deerah water tower viewing platform. The tower is located inside the small amusement park next to the National Museum. From up here you can and get a bird’s eye view down to the festival area, the beautifully lit mosques, historical buildings, festive lights and decorations of the area. Also one of the best places to watch the fireworks from.  Admission into the amusement park is 10 SAR and an additional 5 SAR to go up the tower. If you’re aiming to see the fireworks arrive at least half hour early.
  6. Go to Historical Diriyah Bujairy Square to enjoy Eid celebration festival. Watch the Ardah dances in a historical setting. Lots of nice restaurants in the area like the Saudi traditional food restaurant Najd Village and Bab al Yemen.
  7. Spend a nice evening outdoors at Kindy Plaza Square inside the Diplomatic Quarters. A large plaza where kids can ride bikes, hover boards, roller-skate etc. Outdoor seating area for cafes such as Dr. Cafe. Beautiful Al Kindy Mosque and parks nearby
  8. Mingle with the local ladies at the Women’s festival building in the King Abdulaziz Historical Center. Mothers and daughters can have henna tattoos made, watch theatre and comedy shows, have face paintings made and the height of the evening a chance to watch Saudi women dancing and singing traditional Saudi songs.
  9. Men and children will enjoy the activities at the Show’s Square off exit 10 next to the AlSager Aviation Museum. This huge area has lots of motor sports and can be visited by the whole family. High Diving Show, motorcycle show, modified cars show, wall trampoline, flying trapeze, remote-controlled cars shows and competitions.
  10. Take the family or a group of friends for a fun day out in Thumamah sand dunes. Choose from Quad bike rentals, camel rides, kite-flying,horse back riding, or dune bashing and sand boarding. Rent an outdoor istirahah with a traditional Saudi tent and enjoy a meal by the camp fire or inside the air-conditioned tents.

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  • Abaya and HeelsAugust 4, 2013 - 7:44 pm

    Thank you for this post!! This is my first Eid Al Fitr Holiday ever and I’m studing this list!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Abaya and HeelsAugust 4, 2013 - 7:44 pm

    Thank you for this post!! This is my first Eid Al Fitr Holiday ever and I’m studing this list!!!!ReplyCancel


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