26th October, The Day The World Almost Came To An End

Disclaimer: This is a satirical article and in order to fully comprehend it a sense of humor is essential. Reader discretion is advised. Please do not read any further in case you suffer from conditions such as HOI (Highly Offended Individual) or CRAP (Cranky Annoyed Person).

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Special report from Saudi Arabia on the October 26th Women Driving Campaign:

According to police reports, a total of 12 Saudi women were detained in different cities around the Kingdom despite the noble efforts of some citizens who had set up Anti-women Driving campaigns. The government had also sent out kind reminders to women activists of their place in the society.

No Woman No Drive

Anti Women Driving Campaign Poster

The women were detained for the offense of driving an automobile vehicle in Saudi Arabia under the influence of female hormones, also known as DWF (Driving While Female). One of the main concerns of DWF is the correlation between how much fabric covers a woman’s body and driving a vehicle. When females start driving it automatically leads to removal of clothing, as can be seen in the west were women almost always drive naked.

A concerned citizen, Ibrahim Al Shammari, drafted up a car cover which he called the “Mobile Burkha” in order to prevent men from seeing a woman driver. The initiative was rejected by the Traffic Ministry because it was the wrong color.mobile burkha

Another concern were the physiological effects DWF is known to have on women such as confusion, panic, lewd behaviours and reproductive system damages. No reports of harmed ovaries or rolled pelvises came forth however it was noted that all detainees were past child bearing age or divorcees and thus the damage to ovaries could not be confirmed.

The traffic department had stepped up their presence all across the Kingdom due to the increased security threat of women taking control. Check points were set up in all major cities to catch any females disturbing national security.

A record total of 567,899 police cars, secret police cars, police motorcycles, police boats and camel police were placed on level 5, the highest security alert status. The National Guard pitched in with tankers, helicopters and check points.image (2)

A new road sign was designed to spread awareness and remind any forgetful females that driving was not allowed. Clerics tweeted about the adverse affects of women driving cars, which would no doubt place her in a dangerous, unlawful situation.

She might have to interact closely with males, much like her driver.

Women might also go out of control if given control of cars.

According to Women Expert, Dr. Ali Ali Al Alinazi from Buraydah, western corruption will spread like wildfire into the Holy Land if women were to begin driving, because according to his research giving women power and control causes the entire society to weaken.


Saudi Women Driving Ban

WARNING! Women and Cars Do Not Mix

The result of the crackdown was that all in all 12 out of the alleged 67 female drivers were caught wheel-handed. The traffic department was satisfied with the successful capturing of women drivers.

image (1)

The females were taken to the police station where they had to sign a pledge stating they will “never, ever, ever drive again“. They were fined for the traffic violation “driving without a license” because there was no law stating that women were not allowed to drive.

traffic violation ticket KSA

After that they were released when the concerned male wardens came to collect their females. One of the females was reportedly accompanied by her 9-year old son who was luckily able to drive her back home.

saudi kid driving

Mom I came to pick you up!

Authorities and society were pleased that the world didn’t come to an end, even though the threat was very real.

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  • SoileOctober 29, 2013 - 6:19 pm

    :-D Yet another great and hilarious post, thanks!ReplyCancel

  • Debra J. WhiteOctober 29, 2013 - 11:32 pm

    A black cat crossing your path only signifies the cat wants to go somewhere. Likewise, a woman who drives an automobile has places to go such as work, school, a doctor’s appointment, shopping, the library or to visit a friend or relative. Driving a car is not a subversive act. It has not ruined my ovaries nor will it lead to disrupted families. Perhaps the men in charge fear losing control of their ever tight grip over women’s lives. It’s time to chill out, relax, and realize the world will not tilt off its axis if Saudi women share the road with men drivers. It happens all around the world every day. Join the rest of society. We watch and we wait.ReplyCancel

    • LaylaOctober 31, 2013 - 12:20 pm

      Inshallah not long anymore..we can only wait and see!ReplyCancel

  • Martina SimonOctober 29, 2013 - 11:39 pm

    Great, I wish we could have done that 25 years ago…..I admire and applaude the women WHO werde brave enough now All the Best Um RakanReplyCancel

    • LaylaOctober 31, 2013 - 12:20 pm

      Yes, hats off to the brave women who are pushing for change even though it’s like fighting windmills!ReplyCancel

  • TaherOctober 30, 2013 - 12:26 am

    Well-written and very very entertaining post, Layla. As you said, the world did not end on 26th October, but a lot of Saudi-powers-that-be retreated into their comfortable harems and beat up their spouses for daring to even read your post. CRAP, you say? More like SH@TT (Saudis Hot Inside Their Thobs).

    Thanks for making my day! And yes, if ever you want a lift, be my guest. :-)ReplyCancel

    • LaylaOctober 31, 2013 - 12:19 pm

      Thanks Taher! I wonder what those very men I mentioned would think of this post :)ReplyCancel

  • susanOctober 30, 2013 - 12:36 pm

    What a fantastic, hilarious post. Very well written, well doneReplyCancel

  • Sarah AliNovember 1, 2013 - 4:33 pm

    Nice post Layla,

    Maybe through enough ironic humor change may come about.

    I can’t help but share this amazing humorous Saudi link about the “No woman, no drive” law.


    • LaylaNovember 1, 2013 - 10:58 pm

      Hi Sarah, thanks for the comment! Humor is sometimes the best way to del with difficult things and frustrating situations, like the driving ban no doubt is..
      Love that clip too btw :)ReplyCancel

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  • LyndseyNovember 7, 2013 - 3:14 am

    Layla –

    You make me no longer dread the impending move to Saudi! Thank you for you always entertaining commentary and wonderful outlook on life! You are fantastic, mashallah!ReplyCancel

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  • MattOctober 21, 2014 - 4:13 pm

    Brilliant! My salute to you and other female drivers
    may the next year bring you driving licenses in Saudia (inchalla)

    Greetings from FranceReplyCancel

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