Bring the ‘Magic Kingdom’ into your home!

Dear Blue Abaya readers,

As you may have noticed Blue Abaya has a whole new look going on for 2014! After some setbacks the new design is now finally (almost) finished. I ended up designing and building the whole website myself. More on that later! One of the new developments has been setting up a ‘Blue Abaya Designs’ shop, which is currently on Facebook only but later on will be incorporated on the site as well. In the shop we are offering Saudi-themed souvenirs and as per special request from some readers, a wall calendar featuring images from around the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia!

It wasn’t a piece of cake designing the calendar, let me tell you choosing which images to use from thousands was a long process on its own! I wanted the images to be from all around the Kingdom, to be full of life and color and scenes you wouldn’t necessarily associate with Saudi Arabia. I wanted to include some of my favorite portraits of the Saudi people as well.

The finished version is called “The Magic Kingdom 2014”. Designed and photographed by Blue Abaya,  published, printed and shipped by Lulu, one of the leading online publishing services.

There is an ongoing January sale at Lulu marketplace, you get -15% OFF the calendar.

The calendar is in Gregorian format and is easy to hang on your wall.  High printing quality on card stock paper. After the year has passed, the calendar images could even be re-used by framing them!

Here’s how the calendar looks inside, September is themed National Day to celebrate the Saudi National Day 23rd September!

I’m so pleased that the calendar has already made its way all around the world and brought a little slice of the Magic Kingdom into their homes! Thank you for the support! Here’s a recent review from a happy customer:

“…it was a pleasure to receive this as my “official” 2014 calendar. Printed on high-quality cardstock, this calendar contains brilliant photographs by Layla Blue Abaya, a professional photographer whose sharp images portray her love of Saudi Arabia and its many inhabitants, natural beauty, historical crafts and buildings, and its growth over the past 70 years.

With keen insight into culture, natural beauty, and her Arabian surroundings, Layla takes you out of your everyday experiences and brings you closer to her Magical Kingdom. This calendar will transform your days, month by month. Her photos are well appointed, sharp, crisp, and carry with them depth and feeling. If you want a calendar that will take you on a magical journey, this is for you. And if you are Saudi Arabian and live outside the country, this calendar will bring you home. Enjoy!”

Below is a sneak peak collage of the calendar. You can preview the entire calendar online here.

calendar preview

If you’re in Saudi-Arabia and wish to purchase the calendar, please take a look at the Blue Abaya Designs Shop Facebook page, where we currently have the Magic Kingdom calendars in stock. For those in Riyadh, we offer free home delivery! Shipping is with FedEx second day delivery elsewhere within the Kingdom.

Thank you for stopping by and belated New Year’s wishes to everyone!

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  • AliciaFebruary 2, 2014 - 2:48 am

    I love the new design ! Super job and thumbs up! I alos got the calendar, thank you for the blog

  • LaylaFebruary 2, 2014 - 3:09 pm

    Hello Alicia and thank you! Took me a while to figure everything out but slowly I am making sense of all this computer jargon :)

    Thank you for supporting Blue Abaya!ReplyCancel

  • BrittaFebruary 4, 2014 - 10:40 am

    Hi Layla, I really enjoy your site. I have two questions!
    I will be visiting Riyadh next week and i want to go to the “Princess” Market of Used clothing… I read your review and i am a thrift shop kinda gal. Anything i updated i should know?
    Also at say an embassy party, should i have a dress under the abaya, or am i not taking it of?
    Thanks again for your insight!ReplyCancel

  • LaylaFebruary 8, 2014 - 2:28 am

    Hi Britta!
    Go to the princess souk as early as possible, since it opens already in the very early hours, you could even around 7 am! Take a man with you, or ask the driver to walk around with you.

    At the embassy you will take abaya off and then dress is according to the events dress code such as smart casual etc.ReplyCancel

  • Karen CrociFebruary 23, 2014 - 3:01 pm

    February’s photo was a joy to have in the kitchen. Soon we’ll be turning the page to March. Not peeking. Can’t wait to see it, however!ReplyCancel

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