Saudi Post Chocolate Monster Mystery

9:15pm. Kids finally asleep. Now my “real work” can begin. But all I can focus on after a VERY long and stressful day are the Fazer chocolate bars sent by my mom from Finland. (Love you mom). I’m homeschooling my kids now that we had to pull them out of their kindergarten. The environment became toxic and some of the teachers behaved more like bullies than actual teachers. But that’s another story for another time.

 These World’s Most Delicious Chocolate bars have just arrived safely to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, home of the infamous Saudi Post Chocolate Monster. 

Now you may think there’s nothing much to it.

Let me just say that this is in fact, monumental.

A day I would normally say “let’s draw a big X on the wall to mark the occasion”, but since my 3-year-old son already drew the walls full of different shapes with watercolors while I stepped out the room to make an important business phone call, I WON’T BE NEEDING TO. Those beautiful scribbles, which he also marked the white sofa with on his way, will now mark the first day we received an intact chocolate-containing package from Finland since the almost 8 years I’ve been in the ‘Magic Kingdom’.

It is indeed remarkable how none of the chocolates have been opened for “inspection”. There were a total of four bars in the package, the same amount as my mom had put in (had to check of course). Nothing has been nibbled on or half-eaten first, then left in the box. Which actually happened once, read about it here: Stuff That Annoys Me

Not even a single bite was taken this time around. Something must have gone seriously wrong.
This raises a few concerns regarding the whereabouts and the proficiency of the Choc Monster to detect any kind of chocolate-y substances or “suspicious” looking candy bars in the packages arriving to Saudi Arabia. What has happened to him?

Was he replaced by technology? Perhaps they now have a machine to detect any traces of alcohol, pork or drugs inside the chocolate. Which in any other country would be called a dog, but I doubt they’d work in such close proximity with one over at the Saudi Post.
What a Historical Day in the grand history of the Saudi postal services. Lets give them a round of applause!

The main reason for my mom sending this package are the Christmas advent calendars she sent for the kids, which curiously have also been left untouched. Wow!

Have you had any encounters with the now elusive Chocolate Monster, or any of his colleagues at the Saudi postal services?

Please share your stories :)

P.S. The “real work” I mentioned about consists of (but is not limited to) running my home based business, managing the online stores for my Arabian Inspired Art & Design, designing and creating all those items, compiling next year’s Saudi Arabia themed Wall calendars using my own photography from around the Magic Kingdom, writing travel articles for Mommy’s Corner ME, designing colorful abayas made of cotton and linen, among few other things such as running the Blue Abaya website :)

P.P.S Sinta The Indonesian Housemaid Part 3 has been ready to be published for quite a while, just haven’t gotten myself to publish the last part of her sad story. Mainly because I don’t want her story to end, I’d rather have a good ending to it which I’ve been hoping to be able to add to her story. Another reason I’ve hesitated on publishing her story is that the thieves at life in saudi arabia blog are taking my (and many other Saudi bloggers) hard work and publishing it on their blog without permission, as their own material. They’ve stolen and plagiarized over 20 of my articles, including the Sinta series. So that has really put me off posting anything here anymore, because they will just rip it off again and make money off my hard work with the ads they infested their site with.

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  • Lize OdendalNovember 28, 2015 - 10:55 am

    Thanks for the “warning” about that other site. They will surely not get my patronage. Stealing other people’s work is simply not on! Ever@ReplyCancel

    • Laura of ArabiaNovember 28, 2015 - 2:22 pm

      thank you for your support..No one should be giving them their patronage their stealing is so blatant and he even admits to it not being ethical thing to do.ReplyCancel

  • Estelle VokraDecember 2, 2015 - 10:21 am

    Asalamu alaikum Layla, great new for the chocolate Mashallah. I’m happy for you and the kids. And I’m sorry about this other blog (blogs?) that steal your work. Is there any way we can help ? By signaling this to their plateform if they are on blogger or wordpress or alike maybe ? Wa salamReplyCancel

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