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Is The Horror Over?

Remember the “Zoo of Horrors” located inside the Fantasy Land amusement park in Riyadh? A place like a hell hole on earth for the animals kept there. Lions in tiny cages, never let out and even a huge grizzly bear wasting away in his prison. Quick round up for those who haven’tRead more

The Zoo of Horrors

Ever since I heard about a zoo called “Hadiqa Abu Jarrah” in Riyadh from a friend who told me how horrific the conditions of the animals kept there were, I’ve been wanting to go there to see for myself what the situation is. So when we finally got the chance to go, it becameRead more

My Saudi Husband and his love for animals

Yesterday my husband told me the touching story of what he had done for a little stray kitten. He was leaving work and was greeted by a little black kitten at the parking lot. The kitten started following him and walked behind him all the way to the car. When my husband opened the car door theRead more

Riyadh’s forgotten cats

There is an abundance of stray cats roaming the streets and compounds of Riyadh. In general they get treated like pests which I find a disgrace for an Islamic country. Islam teaches Muslims to treat cats well and that the cat is a creature to be cherished and loved. In the hospital compound area IRead more