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Camel Milk- An Elixir from the Desert

The knowledge of the healing powers and nutritious benefits of camel milk have been known to nomadic peoples from Mongolia to Africa for thousands of years. The Bedouin saying, “water is the soul, milk is the life” may prove to be true due to the miraculous properties of camel milk. Reports of theRead more

Mirror Mirror On The Wall..

Who is the whitest of them all? A fair complexion equals beauty in many cultures around the world. In Saudi-Arabia white is definitely the preferred skin tone for both men and women. But like most things in the world, the pressure of being fair is mainly placed upon the woman. Sadly, mothers andRead more

Bedouin Patients

The hospital I work in gets quite a few bedouins coming in for treatment from all around Saudi. It’s a large tertiary referral hospital, which means many patients were referred there because they could not be treated elsewhere or their cases were so difficult or rare it needed specialRead more

Camel Milk & Urine Medicine

I once had a patient with liver cancer and the family told me he is on camel’s milk and urine treatment. My first reaction was, ugh that is just disgusting! I had heard before of the benefits of camels milk but never thought too much about it. However now I wanted to look into it more becauseRead more

Camels-Miracles Of The Desert

Camels, the animals designed specifically to survive in the harshest of environments-the desert.Every single detail of the camel has been carefully designed and constructed to perfection. It is one of the few animals specifically mentioned in the Quran: “Have they not looked at the camelRead more