Blog Hate Mail: The Hall Of Shame

Every once in a full moon I get hate mail or just hateful comments on the blog. I guess it’s normal. Haters gonna hate. they see me rollin’ they hatin’ Naturally there will be people who will disagree on what I write or how I view things. But some of those are just negativeRead more

Ten Things That Make Me Happy

This Tuesday Ten will be a light-hearted post to balance out the recent heavy topics that have been discussed on Blue Abaya :) I got this meme from a fellow Finnish expat blogger Heli who currently resides in Norway. Thank you Heli! Her Norwegian Diary blog (in Finnish language) can be foundRead more

Does Saudi-Arabia Need Sex Education?

A while ago I wrote about Saudi men and the cultural pressure society brings on them to perform in the bedroom. Check it out here: In the article you can read how some young Saudi men are not able to consummate their marriages dueRead more

The Princess Souk in Riyadh

The Princess Souk in Riyadh! Sounds like a souq for Saudi princesses right? Glamour, glitter and gorgeous gowns? Not exactly. This is actually a second hand souk located in Riyadh’s Batha, the infamous “ghetto” of Riyadh. Princess souk is like a huge open area marketplace,Read more

Mirror Mirror On The Wall..

Who is the whitest of them all? A fair complexion equals beauty in many cultures around the world. In Saudi-Arabia white is definitely the preferred skin tone for both men and women. But like most things in the world, the pressure of being fair is mainly placed upon the woman. Sadly, mothers andRead more

Why Do Saudis Spit On People?

Believe it or not this is an actual question I get asked every once in a while. Expat nurses often ask me about some strange cultural habits they’ve seen in Saudi Arabia or odd things they don’t understand they saw patients doing. I suppose being married to a Saudi gives me more insightRead more

The Saudi Wedding Make-Up Masquerade

My first experience with Saudi (Khaleeji) wedding makeup-styles was when a Saudi colleague at the hospital showed me her wedding picture album. My jaw nearly dropped! WHOA! I would never had guessed that this normally so modest, niqab-wearing, natural beauty who never wore make-up to work would goRead more

11 Ways to Cure the Dreaded Sandpit Boredom

Dear Riyadh, or ___(insert any city in Saudi Arabia here). We love you but you are so boring! There is nothing to do. No cinemas, no bars. What else is there to do anyways?   Does this sound familiar to anyone? Life in Saudi Arabia is of course different to what most are used to back home, butRead more

Saudi Road Trip Part One: Riyadh-Abha

Saudi-Arabia is a country full of beautiful places to visit for those willing to make the journey to get there..While there are regular flights from Riyadh to Abha, we wanted to show my visiting mother as much of the largely unknown countryside as possible, so we decided to go on a road trip aroundRead more

Search And You Will Find..Perverts!

Sometimes I like to check which Google searches bring people to my blog. The all time most searched have been (after blog name) jalabiya, muttawa, camels and desert rocks. Interesting. But once in a full moon a sorry loser ends up on this blog while desperately searching for somethingRead more

Recycling The Saudi Values

Recycling, preserving the environment, conservation and green thinking are all mostly alien terms in Saudi-Arabia. Wasting, exploiting the environment, littering and materialism are the way of life in the Kingdom. “The GCC has the world’s highest levels of domestic waste, after the USA,Read more

The Princess And The Pimple.

Believe it or not, based on a true story..For more posts about the Saudi royalty click here! Once upon a time in the Magic Kingdom lived a young Princess called “Abeer”. She lived in a huge palace with her parents and had a Pink Hummer driven by her private chauffeur. One morningRead more