Expats in Saudi-Arabia and Learning Arabic

Many western expats come to the Kingdom for employment not knowing a word of Arabic and that is unfortunately also how they end up leaving. I could strongly recommend expats planning to come to work in Saudi-Arabia to try learning some basic Arabic even prior to arrival. Once here I would recommendRead more

U.S. Embassy Riyadh aka Bureau of Ignorance

The U.S embassy in Riyadh recently rejected my husbands visa application after having him waiting for over a YEAR for it to be processed. That’s longer than any of the developing countries like say Zimbabwe would take to process any kind of applications. So now they finally decided to informRead more

Saudis And Finns-The Ultimate Survivors

I noticed saying to myself, it’s starting to get a little chilly in Riyadh..Actually it was “only” +30C..How embarrassing for a Finn! But it looks like winter is around the corner. Saudis have started switching to their thick wool abayas and thobes and my patients have the heatingRead more

Honeymoon Destination: Tonga

Why choose Tonga for our honeymoon destination? We love to travel ‘off the beaten path’, meaning to destinations that have not yet been changed by the mass tourism industry. That way you get the most authentic experience from the local culture and the nature remains mostly unspoiled.Read more

Breast Cancer awareness in Saudi-Arabia and pink abayas

This month is international Breast Cancer awareness month and it can be seen in Saudi-Arabia as well. A National Awareness Campaign to Combat Breast Cancer has been inaugurated in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to coincide with international Breast Cancer Awareness month. The campaign is led by PrincessRead more

My Saudi Husband and his love for animals

Yesterday my husband told me the touching story of what he had done for a little stray kitten. He was leaving work and was greeted by a little black kitten at the parking lot. The kitten started following him and walked behind him all the way to the car. When my husband opened the car door theRead more

Saudi-Arabia and VIP patients

Saudi-Arabia still has the outdated practice of VIP status, even in hospitals. To me as a Scandinavian this term of a “Very Important Person” just seems so antiquated and even ridiculous. VIP as a concept does not exist in our society (exception some nightclubs VIP sections). FinlandRead more

Saudi-Arabia’s Surprising Little Bro Kuwait-Worth a Visit!

I recently visited Kuwait and was very surprised on how advanced they are compared to neighboring Saudi-Arabia. I had an image in my mind of Kuwait as being a post war-zone developing country. Although these countries share similar demographics, culture and history, they seem to be in differentRead more

Reverend Jones-the Christian terrorist and the media

Religious extremists and intolerance are not just limited to the Middle East. Christian fundamentalism can be equally as hateful and destructive. Look at Pastor Terry Jones. What was his agenda really? To actually burn the Qurans or perhaps just to get some money and fame? I’m 100% sure itRead more

Saudi Nightlife

Nightlife in Saudi? Yes it does exist and I am not talking about the nocturnal road hooligans on Tahlia street! I’m talking about what goes on behind closed doors every weekend. Westerners that are planning a move here often ask me questions about the social scene and nightlife. Above allRead more

Eid al Fitr 2010 in Riyadh

The first three days of the Eid al Fitr following the ending of Ramadan were full of different celebrations around Riyadh. This wasn’t always the case though, a few years ago there wasn’t much happening in KSA during these holidays. Most Saudis used to flock abroad this time of theRead more

Letter to Saudi women: Please leave my husband alone!

Dear Saudi women out there who have the bad habit of stalking my Saudi husband. Please leave my husband alone. You drive me crazy!! Not that this letter will be likely to ever reach you. Could you just please stop staring at my husband and following him around when we are out together? Yes he isRead more