Reverend Jones-the Christian terrorist and the media

Religious extremists and intolerance are not just limited to the Middle East. Christian fundamentalism can be equally as hateful and destructive. Look at Pastor Terry Jones. What was his agenda really? To actually burn the Qurans or perhaps just to get some money and fame? I’m 100% sure itRead more

Saudi Nightlife

Nightlife in Saudi? Yes it does exist and I am not talking about the nocturnal road hooligans on Tahlia street! I’m talking about what goes on behind closed doors every weekend. Westerners that are planning a move here often ask me questions about the social scene and nightlife. Above allRead more

Eid al Fitr 2010 in Riyadh

The first three days of the Eid al Fitr following the ending of Ramadan were full of different celebrations around Riyadh. This wasn’t always the case though, a few years ago there wasn’t much happening in KSA during these holidays. Most Saudis used to flock abroad this time of theRead more

Letter to Saudi women: Please leave my husband alone!

Dear Saudi women out there who have the bad habit of stalking my Saudi husband. Please leave my husband alone. You drive me crazy!! Not that this letter will be likely to ever reach you. Could you just please stop staring at my husband and following him around when we are out together? Yes he isRead more

Changing Genders-Saudi Arabia’s Hermaphrodites

In a previous post I wrote about Saudi-Arabia and its raging epidemic of tribalism. Read more about it here. The ‘inbreeding’ which results from tribal thinking can sometimes be devastating or even fatal to children that are born into families who have practiced first cousin marriagesRead more

Excuse me! I’m a VIP and Need Service NOW!

During Ramadan night time shopping the other day I ran into this rather irritating phenomenon of Very Important People aka unbelievably impatient Saudi women. Unfortunately typical in Saudi-Arabia. I hate it when some people disrespect others especially based on nationality, imaginingRead more

King Abdullah- the Emissary of Saudi Women

King Abdullah was recently chosen as one of the world’s top 10 most respected leaders by Newsweek. This might come as a surprise to some since his actions do not usually make big headlines internationally. Nevertheless in the past few years he has accomplished a lot for women in Saudi-ArabiaRead more

Ramadan in a Saudi hospital

The Holy month of Ramadan changes the daily rhythm drastically in Saudi hospitals. Basically the hospital becomes alive at night and quiets down for the day. Read here how the Saudis usually visit the sick in hospitals. Needless to say the amount of visitors during Ramadan will at least double,Read more

The Magic Month in the Kingdom

Ramadan is a very special month to Muslims all over the world. In case you are not sure what Ramadan means to Muslims and why Muslims fast check out this post: The True Meaning of Ramadan The crescent moon has been sighted and the fasting has started this morning. Ramadan in Saudi-Arabia is a veryRead more

A Saudi Guy’s Finland Experience

We’ve just returned to Riyadh after a relaxing summer vacation in Finland. My husband and I spent most of our time at my families summerhouse by the sea in Southern Finland. It’s a wonderful and peaceful place to unwind surrounded by my family and my dear little nieces! So how does aRead more

Interview with a Saudi male nurse

I thought it would be interesting to hear from a Saudi male nurse. Nurses in general are not always respected in the society, and sometimes male nurses get an even harder time for their choice of profession. Saudi nurses of both gender are still the minority of the workforce in KSA. Most nursesRead more

Cultural comparisons-moving houses

I thought it would be interesting of making a comparison between the Saudi and Finnish cultures every once in a while. They tend to be each others opposites sometimes! These posts are not intended to be taken too seriously. I’ve written them with a dash of humor with them so please readRead more