Where to Stay in San Diego

San Diego has long been calling sun seekers to its warm and inviting beaches. With plenty of services and amenities for visitors, this makes for an easy destination for those looking for a bit of escape and reprieve. Holding up to the image of a glitzy California lifestyle, there are some amazing San Diego luxury homes to rent for your vacation that really allow you to live it up.

Sometimes referred to as the “birthplace of California” residents and visitors alike can enjoy a mild year-round climate and extensive beaches. San Diego has a natural deep-water harbor and has long had an association with the United States Navy. Many healthcare and biotechnology companies also call this place home.

As you are looking to plan your next vacation and are looking for an awesome and easy place to relax, here are some reasons to consider San Diego as your top choice.

Find Amazing Accommodation

where to stay san diego

Many people do not always think of this but savvy travelers know the benefits of breaking the traditional mold of booking hotel rooms and instead look to rent a house for their stay. San Diego is home to some amazing luxury vacation rentals that can whisk you away to another world for the duration of your stay. Imagine stepping out your door and right onto a beach to enjoy the sunsets or sunrises if you are an early morning riser. Especially if you are traveling as a group or as a family, many people are pleasantly surprised that by splitting the cost, renting a house can be a surprisingly affordable option. If you and a special someone are traveling renting a house can allow you a great space to truly unwind for your well-earned break. Either way, don’t overlook all the benefits of having a place to call your own for your stay. The good news is many of the places on offer have a close proximity to downtown San Diego so you can indulge in some of the other activities listed below.

Take in the Culture

Once you have your accommodation sorted, it will be fun and easy to go out and enjoy the local life. One of the best places to start is Balboa Park. This is San Diego’s most definitive cultural hub. Set in a stunning setting, Balboa Park has multiple museums, theaters, and gardens in the 1200 acre park home. Uniquely located in downtown San Diego, Balboa Park is only about two miles from the city center. Visitors can stroll, bike ride and picnic throughout the grounds. Make sure you take note of the intricate Spanish – Renaissance architecture that resides throughout the grounds. Two of the best examples of this are the California Building and the House of Hospitality. One of the most photographed places in the park is the Botanical Building. This is also neat to check out because it is one of the largest lath structures in the world.

Get Your Shop On

where to stay san diego

If you are looking for a place to stretch your legs, find some deals and some amazing food, head on over to the Gaslamp Quarters. This sixteen blocks of Victorian Style buildings host a variety of shops, theaters, art galleries, trendy restaurants, bars, and pubs. If you crave a bit of the nightlife scene then this is the place to come. A good starting point is the Horton Plaza. Starting here allows you to have a bit of fun wandering down the smaller side streets and alleys while keeping you on track to still see the main street. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes so you can enjoy all the interesting sites in this district.

Go Wild

where to stay san diego

Housing at least 3,700 animals the San Diego Zoo can be a great place to get an up close and personal look at many different species of birds, plants and animals from around the world. The San Diego Zoo Global is one of the largest zoological memberships in the world with over 250,000 members. This zoo has made its mark as being a pioneer in the concept of open aired, cage-less exhibits that more closely recreate the animal’s natural habitats. The San Diego Zoo also ranks among the very few number of zoos who have been able to successfully have a pair of breeding giant pandas. Visitors can enjoy guided bus tours or take the overhead gondola life called the Skyfari. The newly opened Africa Rocks exhibit in 2017 is also worth checking out.

Take in the History

where to stay san diego

The Old Town State Historic Park was established in 1968 to preserve and celebrate the rich heritage history of the city between 1821-1872. There are museums, exhibits, a large main plaza and living demonstrations. Meticulously restored Victorian Mansions can be observed as well as Mason Street School which was the cities first one-room schoolhouse. If you dare, check out the Whalely House which is known to be the ghost house. If you can, try to go on the weekend when the streets come alive with dancers, musicians, guides in period costumes and many other entertaining aspects to enjoy.


None of us have endless time so when you are picking your next vacation don’t overlook the ease and luxury of what booking a trip to San Diego can be. This lively city has something to offer for everywhere and when you look back on those dreamy sunset photos you can always remember the memories you created.



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